I built a portfolio website for a photographer: dylancalluy.com

A couple of months ago, Dylan Calluy — an aspiring Antwerp-based photographer — asked me to build a portfolio website for him. He wanted a nice-looking gallery to share his work with the world. So we designed the website together. Then I handcrafted the responsive web application for him, combined with a sleek web interface […]

Serving ownCloud with Caddy

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to set up ownCloud with Caddy for a secure, personal cloud service. I wrote this guide while configuring on Ubuntu 14. ownCloud A quick introduction to ownCloud for those who never heard about it (as found on Wikipedia): OwnCloud (stylized ownCloud) is a suite of client-server software […]

Installing MAMP (Mac OS X Apache MariaDB PHP) using MacPorts

Update: I updated the blogpost for PHP 7 instead of PHP 5. If you want to update your current PHP 5 installation to a PHP 7 installation, see this blogpost: Migrating/updating from PHP 5 to PHP 7 on OS X (MacPorts). MacPorts is a BSD ports like package management system for OS X. The MacPorts Project is […]

CSS: semi-transparent border on images

When you display images on a white background (but also on other colors) you’d want to add a border to the image. But adding a ‘normal’ CSS border doesn’t always look very well. The solution: semi-transparant borders that are not positioned around, but on the images. This subtle design element will make your galleries look way […]

Create beautiful photo galleries with ‘Justified Gallery’

Organizing pictures of different sizes into a gallery can be a hard task, but using ‘Justified Gallery’, you can make good-looking — and responsive — photo galleries in minutes. ‘Justified Gallery’ is written in javascript, and renders the photos the same way as Flickr. First of all, you need to include the script and stylesheet, which […]

PHP fragments in Markdown

Ever wanted to use PHP variables and functions in a markdown file and use that file to generate HTML code from the Markdown syntax? Well, it isn’t too hard… Assume you want to parse the following file as Markdown, after executing the PHP fragment: <?php echo $var; ?> ——————- Some text… > Maecenas sed diam […]

Nginx routing voor ownCloud

Ik kreeg de url routing van ownCloud maar niet aan de praat op mijn nieuwe Nginx installatie, de standaard routing statement werkte niet omdat ownCloud urls heeft met index.php in de url (bv. index.php/apps/files). De oplossing bleek onderstaande Nginx statement: if (!-e $request_filename) { rewrite ^/(.*)$ /index.php?/$1 last; break; } Uiteraard moeten er nog andere […]