Streaming platform: Cadenzr

Cadenzr is a webplatform which allows you to create your own streaming service. Install Cadenzr, put some music on it, and enjoy your own music wherever you go!

Cadenzr is writting built with Go and VueJS.


Mailserver: MistralMail

Open source mailserver written in Go.

Together with Timo Truyts I'm writing a complete mail stack. Right now we have a fully functioning MTA implemenation (RFC 5221). Next thing to do is writing an IMAP server and mail store.


YouTube Downloader for macOS

This simple menu bar app to download YouTube videos on Mac started out as test to learn more about Swift development.

It turned out to be a useful app which gained some downloads on Github.



MailBear is an open source, self hosted forms backend. Message are submitted via a post requests to the API, and MailBear delivers them via email.

MailBear is written in Go and deployed with Docker (access logging and Prometheus metrics included).



Stupid and simple static site generator.

I created this static site generator — that is specifically tailored to my needs — to simplify my freelance web design workflow.