Configuring Wireguard VPN with wg-access-server

For years I have used IPSec and OpenVPN, but they are not always the easiest to setup. Recently I discovered how simple VPN config can be with Wireguard. If you follow this guide, you can have a VPN up and running in less than 10 minutes (given that you know Docker). Introduction Wireguard If you’re […]

Exporting messages and attachments from iPhone to Mac

Yesterday I accidentally deleted an important sms conversation from my Mac (for which I didn’t have a Time Machine backup). I thought it would be fairly easy to copy all my messages from my iPhone to my Mac, but it wasn’t that easy… This guides helps you copy all your messages from iOS to OS […]

iPhone/iPad altitude app (written in Swift)

When passing holidays in the mountains one often wants to know the altitude. Well… what’s better than writing an altitude app yourself? That’s what I’ve done: It took me no more than 2 hours to complete the job and to come up with the above application. The source code is freely available on Github: Altitude.

Swift/iOS: Moving objects with device motion (tilt screen)

One of the cool things of games on smartphones, is that you can control objects using the device motion. But how do you move an object using device tilt (using Swift 2)? To do so you need to use the CMMotionManager (which is part of Apple’s CoreMotion framework). So don’t forget to include the framework at the top […]

Creating a first iPhone app: Liveblog in Swift

Apple announced that Swift would become open source at the WWDC keynote (earlier this week). The perfect moment for me to create my very first iOS app (in the newly released Swift 2 and Xcode 7 beta). So I spent a few hours yesterday and created a real-time live blog app as a front-end for […]

NCSettings voor iPhone, iPod en iPad

NCSettings is een zeer handige tweak voor mensen met een jailbroken iPhone. Als je een jailbreak hebt, kan je het programma vinden in Cydia. Het programma plaatst handige schakelaars voor instellingen in het Notification Center. Zo kan je bijvoorbeeld gemakkelijk Wi-Fi of mobiel internet aan en af zetten. Je kan zelf bepalen welke instellingen getoond […]

MacBeurs 2012

Zoals elk jaar vond in Genk de MacBeurs plaats, georganiseerd door de Apple User Group MacLimburg. Naar jaarlijkse gewoonte was het InterMactivity Team aanwezig, en zo was ik er ook dit jaar weer bij. De MacBeurs was alweer een gezellige boeiende dag, waar er voor iedereen wel iets interessants te beleven viel. Beginnend Mac gebruiker of expert? […]