Streaming platform: Cadenzr

Cadenzr is a webplatform which allows you to create your own streaming service. Install Cadenzr, put some music on it, and enjoy your own music wherever you go!

Cadenzr is writting built with Go and VueJS.

Mailserver: GoPistolet

Open source mailserver written in Go.

Together with Timo Truyts I'm writing a complete mail stack. Right now we have a fully functioning MTA implemenation (RFC 5221). Next thing to do is writing an IMAP server and mail store.



Object-relational mapping for PHP.

Altough not everyone likes it, an ORM is very useful when creating database intensive webapps. Nobody wants to do the same monkey work over and over again...
Object-relational mapping solves this problem, you just need to create some classes and call some methods, and everything is taken care of for you!


C Compiler

Compiler for a (quite large ) subset of C.

The compiler was a university assignment and had to be written in Java using ANTLR for parser generation. Writing the grammar, and building the AST with visitors for semantic checks and code generation was our task. The C code is compiled to the Pmachine.


ZeeJong - Soccer Betting System

ZeeJong is an online soccer betting system, written in PHP.

Another university assignment. The betting system allows users to place bets on games and access all historical data of football matches.
The Go parser aggregated millions of data records for all soccer related stuff. The database can be updated with a built-in parser.
We wrote our own model-view-controller and query builder for this project.



Facebook clone for research about bully analyzing, written in Java EE.

University assignment about distributed systems and Java EE. Our Facebook clone supports the basics of the real Facebook, like likes, reactions, posting videos, friends, ...
We also implemented realtime support for detecting the offensiveness of posts.


I created a lot more stuff... take a look at my Github profile or ask for more!

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