Using Docker on an M1 Mac by running Docker on an old Intel Mac

EDIT: There is now a Docker technical preview for M1 Macs. I checked it out, and it’s way more useful than this guide! This guide is for you if you jumped on the Apple Silicon bandwagon and bought yourself a fancy new M1 Mac, but you need Docker from time to time. It describes how […]

Configure Fish with ‘bobthefish’ and ‘nerd fonts’ on Mac

The first thing I do on a new Mac is configuring the terminal and shell. I always install Fish and bobthefish with patched nerd fonts. If you follow the steps in this blogpost, you will have a nice looking shell like mine: Install Homebrew If you haven’t installed Homebrew yet, head over to to […]

Building a macOS Server hackintosh with an Intel NUC

Last week I built a hackintosh server for macOS server. This machine replaces an old Intel Atom server running Ubuntu. Hardware For this project I bought an Intel NUC 6i3SYH with 8GB DDR4 ram and a Western Digital 256GB m2 SSD. The box version of the NUC allowed me to add another 2,5″ SATA disk […]

Exporting messages and attachments from iPhone to Mac

Yesterday I accidentally deleted an important sms conversation from my Mac (for which I didn’t have a Time Machine backup). I thought it would be fairly easy to copy all my messages from my iPhone to my Mac, but it wasn’t that easy… This guides helps you copy all your messages from iOS to OS […]

Getting a Mac ready for development

Apple computers are awesome: they are fancy machines which make your daily life easier. But every developer knows that there are a lot of things to install and configure before you can actually start programming. This guide is an overview of how I configure my Mac for development. I’m sure everyone has his own habits […]

Firmware resetten van oude iMacs

Ik heb nog enkele oude iMacs (G3) staan, waarvan ik de opstartschijf niet meer kan selecteren. De oplossing hiervoor is om de Open Firmware, PRAM en NVRAM van de iMacs te resetten. Opstarten met command+option+P+R ingedrukt, en ingedrukt houden tot de Mac opnieuw boot. Opstarten met command+option+O+F ingedrukt. De Open Firmware zal booten. In de […]

Mac: Terminal venster maximaliseren

Wanneer je op Mac OS X het Terminal venster maximaliseert zal dit venster niet steeds het hele scherm vullen. Onderaan en rechts van het scherm zal er wat ruimte overblijven. Dit komt omdat het Terminal venster met rijen en kolommen werkt, en dus niet per pixel zal vergroten/verkleinen, maar per rij.   Na veel geëxperimenteer […]