Caddy Server and WordPress (PHP-FPM)

Update: I added rewrite rules for WordPress permalinks to the Caddyfile. I also removed all unnecessary bits which are not needed anymore since Caddy now has built-in HTTPS support with Let’s Encrypt. Recently I discovered an amazing open source project: Caddy, a fully functional HTTP/2 webserver, written in Go. Caddy is a lightweight, general-purpose web server for […]

Running Caddy Server as a service with Upstart

Update: Need to run Caddy as service with systemd? Checkout this blogpost! Recently I discovered a very promising webserver (written in Go) called Caddy. Now, Caddy is just an executable, which I wanted to turn into a service on my Ubuntu server. Upstart Running any executable as a service can be done using Upstart. Once […]

Simple Liveblog to demonstrate WebSockets in Go

Yesterday I had some time left and thought it was the perfect moment to write a very simple live blog to learn more about WebSockets (in Go). Go WebSockets are actually very easy in Go, they work just like the http handler. The required websocket package is not installed by default, but you can easily […]